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Environmental awareness.

All company departments: ecological and sustainable. For several years, NIESEN has taken up the challenge of an overall environmentally compatible optimisation of the company: from fire protection and safety at work to energy-efficient organisation of all processes right through to ecological use of materials and resources, the entire company is in a constant modernisation process.

  • Hence energy consumption plays a major role, of course. For several years, NIESEN has been focusing on solar electricity which is generated by the company-owned photovoltaic roof of the logistic space (see video). In 2012, the size of the solar energy plant was expanded to 10,000 square metres – enough to supply up to 350 households with electricity.

    As logistics expert, NIESEN operates a diverse fleet of 70 trucks and several cranes of different sizes; here, consumption and emissions play an important role. Thus, the entire fleet has been operated for many years with the environmentally compatible EURO 5 emissions standard.

    • Environmentally compatible company
    • Eco-certifications
    • EURO 5 emissions standard
    • Ecological suppliers
    • Safety at work and work quality
    In the in-house workshops, great importance is attached to saving resources and regular maintenance in order to benefit the environment. Safe handling of waste and hazardous substances is also essential so they are disposed of according to safety standards and a register of hazardous substances is thoroughly kept.

    Safety at work as well as the well-being of employees are major issues, too. All workplaces are tailored to the workplace guidelines and the employees’ health. Moreover, a company doctor is regularly available for precautionary check-ups of the personnel.

  • All company areas: eco-friendly and sustainable – certified by DIN ISO 14001
    In November 2012, NIESEN received the DIN ISO 14001 certificate proving the company’s comprehensive orientation towards eco-friendliness.

    Previously, TÜV Rheinland (safety standards authority of the Rhine region) had thoroughly inspected the different areas ranging from fire protection and work safety to energy-efficient organization of all processes up to the eco-friendly use of materials and resources. After the certificate has been awarded, the inspection is carried out annually.

  • Photovoltaic roof on the NIESEN premises
    In 2010, the roof of the NIESEN warehouses in Leverkusen was expanded by an 8,000 m² large pholtovoltaic system. Up to 180 households can be supplied with this energy-efficient system. Such optimisation of in-house energy processes is state-of-the-art and means a bold step into eco-efficiency for NIESEN.

  • NIESEN as part of the DMS network – joint efforts for environmentally compatible logistics.
    The Deutsche Möbelspedition (DMS) is a network of more than one hundred German logistics companies. In a joint effort, the DMS headquarters and a multitude of member companies promote environmentally compatible processes – and so does NIESEN from Leverkusen. Within this framework, a manual was published which is in line with the guidelines of the eco-certification.

    For the special fields of activity of the DMS company ranging from private removals or complex company relocations to special transports up to storage and archiving of goods of any kind, eco-friendly and sustainable measures as well as guidelines are worked out – and adhered to.

    This is how the DMS member companies over the years have also developed models for climate-neutral relocations.
  • Logo Green Technology Containex
    Green Technology

    UNIESEN focuses on ecological and eco-friendly suppliers and partners. Our partner Containex, a supplier of container units (see link for container units), promotes environmental standards which is expressed by the selection and use of recyclable materials and energy-efficient manufacturing. Regular quality checks guarantee durability. This is not only a great advantage for the environment but also for you as our customers.

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