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Archive logistics

Press archives, music archives, photo archives, city and state archives: Archives are not only valuable but due to their elaborate structure they are also extremely sensitive to change and to movement. To ensure no single document, exhibit or file gets lost during the relocation of an archive, we process and transport your archive with utmost care and know-how. Every single piece is returned to its original place. Yet you have full access to it before, after, and even during the relocation.

  • NIESEN additionally offers professional archive storage: due to the ever increasing amount of data and the extended regulatory retention period of business-related data, the demand for storage solutions of files, records and archives is higher than ever.

    • Library relocations
    • Archive removals
    • Storage of files and archiving
    • Disposal of files
    • Material logistics
    • Database listings
    • Flexible access by computer-assisted systems
    • Fast delivery
    • Confidentiality and safety
    • Scan on demand
    • AML (Archive and Material Logistics)
    Material logistics
    Using potential for rationalisation by optimising business processes: this is also part of NIESEN’s material logistics. Ranging from erasers and printer toners to business letterheads we manage office supplies for corporate customers. Overnight delivery guarantees availability. Central purchasing through bundling customers enables additional savings.

    Disposal of files
    We carry out confidential disposal of files at the end of the retention period according to the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).

    Archive removals
    We also make use of our expertise in the organisation of professional storage and administration when it comes to removals as well as short-term or long-term storage of archives such as libraries or sections of them. An important part of this service is the complete inventory recording by computer-assisted systems. This also includes taking digital photos. Our customers can access these data online.
  • Space is money. To save you money we have committed ourselves to professional storage and management of file archives. We take care of your file archive according to the highest safety standards and make sure that everything is perfectly organised. Our flexible and databased access service guarantees you trouble-free and quick access to any document.
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  • Logo AML Watch a video about archive logistics (German)

    Logo Niesen Watch a video about the NIESEN warehouse logistics (German).
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