• Kunstspedition
  • Installation Herkules

Art transports.

Transport is no big deal. But it requires precision, high-level safety precautions, experience and know-how. We at NIESEN / DMS know how art and antiques need to be handled. Therefore we offer a variety of techniques and procedures to relocate valuables safely and protected from dust, humidity and vibrations. We provide custom-made, climatically and mechanically safe containments and, if requested, we handle all the customs and/or import formalities.

  • Often we discuss how an object is best transported face to face with artists or curators already in the development phase of the artwork because large installations or sculptures need to be made particularly suitable for transport. Artists, museums, galleries, art exhibitions and archives all over Germany and Europe are among our client base.

    • Consulting
    • Individual packaging
    • Suitable transport
    • Safe storage
    • Climate-optimised handling
    • Confidentiality and data protection
    • All sizes and dimensions
    • Worldwide transport
    • Assembly
    Some of our clients
    • Kunstsammlung NRW, Duisburg
    • Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg
    • Kunstgießerei Schmäke, Düsseldorf
    • Kunstgießerei Kayser, Düsseldorf
    • Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, Wuppertal
    • Anthony Cragg
    • Katharina Grosse
    • Eva Hild
    • Markus Lüpertz
  • Heben einer Skulptur per Kran
    Heben Skulptur Per Kran
    Installation einer Großskulptur per Kran
    Sichere Verpackung
    Eine sichere »Haut«
    Sichere Verpackung
    Montage einer Installation
    Montage einer Installation
    Montage vor Ort
    Kunstspediteure bei der Arbeit
    Kunsttransport in Duesseldorf
    Transport per Sattelschlepper
    Kundenbeispiel: Kunstgiesserei Kayser, Düsseldorf
    Kundenbeispiel: Kunstgiesserei Schmaeke, Duesseldorf
    Einlagerung von Skulpturen
  • Broschüre Spezialtransporte

    Flyer »Special Relocations«, 6,6 MB
    Unternehmensbroschüre NIESEN

    company brochure, 6,8 MB

  • Logo WDR Watch a video by the German TV channel WDR about the relocation of "Caldera" by Anthony Cragg. (please click the image to start

    Logo RTL Watch a video by the German TV channel RTL about the Herkules statue. (please click the image to start

    Logo Niesen Watch a video about the transport of bronze sculptures to the Museum Küppersmühle (please click the image to start the video).

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