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Company relocations.

A company relocation - as well as the consolidation of various departments and branches - is a complex logistical challenge requiring a high degree of expertise. Everything needs to be moved: Files, supplies, data processing, archives, technical devices and documentation. Your company cannot afford any delays in operation! NIESEN / DMS provides full support, from professional guidance to inventory management, CAD-based interior planning and employee training, backed by many decades of professional experience in company relocation and consolidation.

  • Overview:
    • Relocation of several hundred workplaces during one weekend
    • Offices, administrative buildings, industrial companies etc.
    • Assembly and disassembly of office inventory, complete refurnishing logistics
    • Electrical, joinery and refurbishing work, IT connections
    • Safe and efficient transport
    • Container handling cranes for safe loading and unloading
    • Relocation of machinery and production lines
    Strong and efficient technology (link) such as hoisting cranes supports our work. Trust in NIESEN also when it comes to machinery transport (link) and relocation of complex technical production lines. In short: we guarantee a comprehensive and carefree company relocation.
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  • Logo Niesen Watch an approx. three-minute video about company relocations operated by Niesen (please click the image to start the video).

    Logo Niesen Watch an approx. three-minute video about machinery relocations (please click the image to start the video).
  • Unternehmensbroschüre NIESEN

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