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Logistics Innovation Center.

Logistics: control, provision and optimisation of various processes of value chains. This is how we at NIESEN understand the notion of logistics: in a very open way – the same applies to our fields of activity. In and apart from our core business we are constantly developing new solutions for logistical issues. We like thinking innovatively and make our know-how and our capacities available in order to optimise our own processes, meet the challenges of our customers and contribute to shaping the future.

  • Overview
    • Innovation
    • Tailor-made solutions
    • Customer-oriented logistics
    • Restructuring concepts
    • Online inventory management systems
    The Logistics Innovation Centre gives us the freedom to think innovatively and develop something new. Moreover, in the NIESEN headquarters in Leverkusen we have the necessary space to make many things possible. Why don’t you contact us and make us familiar with your plans and questions? Together, we will certainly develop fresh ideas and find a forward thinking solution for your undertaking.

  • Storage concept for car tyres
    Our warehouse space includes a multi-storey order picking system (PDA) for the qualitative storage of car tyres. Consisting of innovative logistics and an in-house developed database with an online ordering procedure, the system provides space for up to 48,000 winter and summer wheels on 2,500 m².

    Concept for flood protection in Leverkusen
    Since 2010, NIESEN Logistics together with the Technische Betriebe Leverkusen has been controlling regional flood protection logistics. To this end, an approach has been developed through intensive work with our partner in order to guarantee highest reliability as well as a smooth installation of the two kilometre long flood protection wall. The result is a pre-selected storage of all elements and a clear procedure for their installation: the trucks are able to pick up all wall and gate elements from the warehouse in the right order and quickly install them in a rotating procedure.

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    Hi Tech Transport
    Heben Skulptur Per Kran

  • Logo Niesen Find out more about our services in our video about flood protection logistics (click the image to start the video)/td>

    Logo Niesen Find out more about our services in our video about the storage concept for car tyres (click the image to start the video)
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