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The foundation of Möbelspedition Peter Niesen in 1892 marked the beginning of our company’s success story. Always up to date with the latest technical progress, the company quickly developed into today’s Niesen group. Discover the history of our family business by looking at some characteristic dates.

  • 2012

    DIN ISO 14001 certification for NIESEN
    NIESEN received the DIN ISO 14001 certification after successful inspection by the German safety standards authority TÜV Rheinland. This certificate proves that all company departments are ecological and sustainable.
    Logo Din 14001


    Business extension – renovation of the new office building
    Renovation of a new office building with 700 square metres of office space on the additionally purchased company premises, hiring out the first floors


    Project – Overall logistics for the FIFA Women's World Cup in Leverkusen
    Logistics and promotion: removal of the BayArena, promotional truck, promotional container


    Business extension– Purchase of the neighbouring property Robert-Blum-Straße 57
    Expansion of the NIESEN premises by 15,000 square metres of logistic space for the extension of the automotive service area – new total area of all NIESEN branches: 80,000 square metres of logistic space, 35,000 square metres of which is warehouse space; extension of the photovoltaic roof by 2,000 square metres to a total of 10,000 square metres


    The public and networking – Klima-Frühschoppen 2011
    Hosting an in-house exhibition for regional suppliers of ecologically oriented concepts, products and service providers – in cooperation with the environmental centre »Naturgut Ophoven«, Wirtschaftsförderung Leverkusen (economic promotion of the city of Leverkusen) and the Kreishandwerkskammer (local chamber of crafts) – with representatives of the city of Leverkusen, Mayor Reinhard Buchhorn and member of the Bundestag Wolfgang Bosbach


    Technology leap – 12,000 square metres of solar roof
    Installation and commissioning of a solar roof on the warehouse roofs of the NIESEN premises, power generation for up to 180 households
    Solardach auf Logistikhallen


    Project – Transport of the large »Herkules« sculpture
    Transport of the approx. 25 metric ton sculpture designed by Markus Lüpertz to Zeche Nordstern in Gelsenkirchen and installation on one of the winding towers at a height of 90 metres.
    Transport Herkules-Skulptur
  • 2009

    Technology leap– Extension of the crane fleet
    Purchase of the 40th vehicle meeting the EURO 5 emissions standard
    Kran hebt Skulptur


    Business extension– Opening of the wheel centre Leverkusen
    Concept and construction of a multi-storey wheel racking-system with a storage capacity of 48,000 summer and winter wheels
    Räderlager NIESEN


    Project – Niesen as official supplier of the World Youth Day in Cologne 2005
    Tailor-made sacristy container for the Pope on the occasion of the Mass on the Marienfeld, provision of a total of 112 office and sanitary containers, equipping the Cologne Cathedral with benches
    Räderlager NIESEN


    Project – Equipping the Cologne cathedral with benches
    Equipping the Cologne cathedral with benches on the occasion of the »Puero Cantoris« choir celebration and temporary storage in the Niesen warehouse.


    Project – Business relocation AXA Köln
    Furnishing of 2,500 workplaces and relocation of employees within Cologne (transport of a volume of 30,000 cubic metres and 42,000 files)


    Business extension– Purchase of company premises
    Purchase of the previously hired 50,000 square metres of logistic space and 13,500 square metres of warehouse space, relocation of the Niesen administration
    Betriebsgelände NIESEN


    Project – Landtag Düsseldorf (state parliament of the city of Düsseldorf)
    Transport and temporary storage of the entire furniture of the great plenary assembly hall during the time of renovation (workplaces of all members and employees of the state parliament)


    Business extension – Enlargement of the container hire pool with the 1,500th storage container


    Business extension – Hiring 50,000 square metres of logistic space, including 13,500 square metres of warehouse space


    Acquisition of the company of Wiesel GmbH, Bonn
  • 1998

    Acquisition of the company of H. Blum, Bergisch Gladbach.


    Foundation of the N.T.G. Niesen Transport-Gesellschaft (kitchen delivery, own account transport activities)


    Acquisition of the company of H.Hagemann, Cologne.


    Business extension – Construction of a logistic container warehouse
    For 300 20’ containers with integrated crane system, enlargement by 7,500 square metres of floor area


    Foundation of the department of art transport and art storage
    Skulpturen im Lager


    Technology leap – modification of the fleet
    Concept and individual construction of a special truck with integrated crane unit for the transport of machinery and containers


    Business extension
    new warehouse building for the storage of 120 20’ sea containers
    Container gestapelt


    Technology leap
    Purchase of the first 20’ sea containers for the storage of furniture and industrial goods


    Technology leap
    Purchase of the first 20’ sea containers for the storage of furniture and industrial goods


    Business extension
    Commissioning of the new company premises at Küppersteger Gewerbegebiet (industrial estate Küppersteg) Adolf-Kaschny-Straße 1-5, including the latest warehouse for small containers of that time
  • 1968

    Cooperation – DMS Deutsche Möbelspedition
    Niesen becomes founding member of the DMS Deutsche Möbelspedition, (Association of German Moving Companies)
    Logo DMS Deutsche Möbelspedition


    Business extension– New heated warehouse
    Moving in at Bürriger Erftstr., with lift and ramp


    Technology leap – First motorised special vehicle for furniture transports
    with big lettering »Peter Niesen Wiesdorf/Köln«, maximum speed 28 kph


    Project – Black powder transport for the company of Dynamit Nobel AG
    to the Ruhr, return load is glassware from Gerresheimer Glashütte.


    Signs of the times – Bayer relocates its headquarters from Elberfeld to Leverkusen.
    Relocations give the furniture transport business a strong impetus.


    Technology leap – First motor vehicle with chain drive, made by Büssing


    transport of road construction material for the construction of »Wiesdorfer Kolonie 1 and 2« of the »Farbenfabriken« with horse and carriage, Niesen meanwhile has 20 horses.


    Founding years
    Peter Niesen obtains a branch of the Wicküler Küpper brewery in Elberfeld.


    Founding years
    The ultramarine factory Alfred Leverkusen becomes the first contracting company of Peter Niesen. Peter Niesen becomes the first assistant member of the municipal council of Wiesdorf.


    Founding years
    Peter Niesen (born 10 February 1862) founds the firm as a haulage company. One year later he moves into his own house at Hauptstr. 25 in Wiesdorf with stabling and outbuildings.
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